Preschool / Kindergarten

Lewis County Adventist School offers a full-day and half-day curriculum-based program. The hours are from 8 am to 3 pm, Monday through Thursday and 8 am to noon on Fridays.

Family Storytime

We invite you to visit us for a FREE weekly family storytime EVERY Wednesday at 10 am. Spend some quality time together, get to know LCAS and connect with other preschool families.

Join Us for Discovery Day

In the Spring, we host special experience days called, Discovery Days. See what it is like to be a LCAS student, get to know our campus, our teachers, staff and other students.

10 Things to Look for in a Quality Kindergarten Program

Students who are age 5 by August 31 are eligible to enroll for Kindergarten.  Our exceptional Kindergarten teacher is Jennifer McCulloh. Our Kindergarten program blends hands-on learning with accredited curriculum for a strong foundation of learning.  Come visit and learn more about this program for your child.

  1. Individualized attention is given to each child, allowing for enrichment and remediation.
  2. Conflict-resolution and problem-solving skills are modeled, fostering character development.
  3. Hands-on activities to encourage exploration and discovery are used for each “subject”.
  4. Inquiry-based activities to address different types of learning needed for strong reading development.
  5. Math is presented in “real world” and engaging activities, using a variety of manipulatives.
  6. Reading for fun, as well as vocabulary development through intentional daily read-a louds.
  7. Children’s work is prominently displayed.
  8. Students are encouraged to write often using journaling and math stories.
  9. Activities are varied throughout the day. Time is given for play, group time, and focused attention to a task.
  10. Safe, nurturing, loving and caring environment, where children and parents look forward to school.
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