Our staff are our most valuable asset, each one is passionate about their mission. There is not another place they'd rather be!

Kelly Gennick


  • MBA
  • BS Special Education
  • Certified Teacher
  • Professional Certificate
  • BS Health Science
  • BB&T Leadership Institute Alum
  • Lifelong Learner

Why I Chose to Work in Christian Education


Following a year teaching English as a second language in Korea and a professional journey of directing and teaching health professionals in a community home for the developmentally disabled, I applied for a teaching position in mostly public schools. I made a deal with God that I would take the first teaching job offered to me. I did not personally apply to teach in Christian schools, but God had other plans. I'm so grateful God chose me! There are no two days alike. I have seen the difference it makes in others and the difference it makes in me as well!

I'm Passionate About

Helping Others: This is my biggest inspiration. I genuinely want to make a difference for others! I believe I'm showing Jesus in this way whether it is in a classroom with students, participating at church, or caring for others that I do not know.

At the School: I'm a builder! I know that when my students come into my school, they will find a safe, welcoming, and inviting place. They will be comfortable and ready to learn. They will know that I'm here to help them learn how to overcome challenges, apply their best knowledge, and best of all-accept Jesus Christ into their lives forever!

Teaching the 'ah-ha moments: Not only teaching but seeing the end results of teaching and learning. I relish in seeing students step out in faith and be excited to share their faith or help others make faith a priority.

Life-long Learner: I am currently working toward a Doctorate in Education Leadership (EdD) from Andrews University. I continuously read, study and collaborate with others on different methods of teaching and learning. I strive to establish a school environment that equips students for problem-solving and how to apply creative ways to learn which are unique for each and every student.

Jeanna Swena

Director of First Impression

I’ve worked at LCAS since 2013. I’m a proud product of Christian Education attending Ozark Adventist Academy in Arkansas. I can relate to this important investment in that my own children, 2 boys, are products of this school’s excellent education.

I'm Passionate About


I like chickens, drawing, crocheting, embroidery, gardening, hiking, camping and rock climbing!

Some Things Most People Don't Know About Me

  1. I have 3 brothers and 3 sisters!
  2. I am a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA).
  3. I used to sell Mary Kay Cosmetics.

If I Coined a Single Phrase of Wisdom, It Would Be

"Just go with the flow!"

If I Had a Superpower

I would like to wiggle my nose and accomplish things quickly!

Advice to My 10-year Old Self

Don't be afraid to do what needs to be done!

When I Get to Heaven, I Want God to Say

Jeanna, because you are a caring person or because of your example, this person is here in heaven!

Topaz Ermshar

PreSchool Champion of Student Success

I am the preschool teacher. I pursued a BS in Elementary Education at WWU. I have been a homeschooling mom for 15+ years.

I'm Passionate About

I have a passion for connecting to the heart of my students and igniting an excitement for learning and exploration. I love when I can, not only present a lesson, but create and experience that the students will remember.

In my personal life, I find I have spent a lot of time creating an atmosphere for building good memories for my family. I also love to learn new/old skills, often seeking out information to learn heirloom skills in homemaking.

Why I Chose to Work in Christian Education

I had always intended to go into denominational teaching after college. As so often happens, my life took me down other paths, and I wasn’t able to complete my elementary education degree. I ended up raising six children and homeschooling instead.

While my husband and I were prayerfully discussing enrolling the four youngest children in school, our former pastor, who was then on the LCAS board, mentioned to us how he felt the school might be a good option, and also that there was a need for a new preschool teacher. I felt impressed to apply for the position and see where the Lord lead.

When I Get to Heaven and Talk to God

I suppose the one thing I most want to say to Him is, “Thank you for not giving up on me. Thank you for walking me through every moment of my life” I’m so humbled by His mercy and grace that I don’t even know what I might ask right away. I will be interested to know what has happened behind the scenes of my life, and the lives of those I have known.

Kyler Morgan


  • Certified Teacher
  • BA Major Math
  • Double Minors Education and Biology


  • Biology
  • History
  • Integrated Sciences
  • Mathematics
  • 9th/10th Religion

I'm Passionate About


I love helping young adults integrate Christ into their lives.

I Chose to Work in Christian Education Because...

of the freedom to talk about God.

Some Things Most People Don't Know About Me

  1. I love solving cube puzzles
  2. I love to travel

If I Coined a Single Phrase of Wisdom, It Would Be

"It is what it is. Dwelling on the past only hinders growth!"

If I Had a Superpower

I want to fly so I can travel the world.

Advice to My 10-year Old Self

Get involved with social groups!

When I Get to Heaven, I Want to Ask God...

to let me see what the earth looked like before humans.

Jennifer McCulloh


  • MA in Teaching
  • BS in Elementary Education


  • Special Education and Spanish
  • K-8 Elementary Education
  • K-12 Special Education and Spanish

Why I Chose to Work in Christian Education

After being in the public sector for the last 20+ years, I needed to be in an environment that aligned closely with my beliefs. Teaching in a Christian school allows me to openly share Jesus with my students.

Some Things Most People Don't Know About Me

  1. I love looking at houses and going to “open houses”. I spend a lot of time trolling Zillow.
  2. If I wasn’t a teacher, I would want to be an NFL sports announcer/reporter.

If I Had a Superpower

Teleportation so that I can ‘jump’ to Auburn Adventist Academy instantly and visit my daughter anytime I want.

I Think the Best Way to Share the School Is

Being authentic, creating a place where students feel safe, and HAVING FUN!

When I Get to Heaven and Talk to God

I would like to hear God say, “Well done my good and faithful child.”

Lisa Davis


  • Certified Teacher
  • BA Elementary Education
  • BA Spanish

Professional Endorsements:

  • Elementary Grades
  • ESL
  • Secondary History
  • Spanish

I Passionately Pursue Reluctant Learners

For over 30 years I've encouraged students to zip beyond previous boundaries or persistently plod past former limits!

My passion is to develop students with a strong work ethic, who can regularly experience the joy that comes from knowing they have sincerely given their best effort!

Why I Chose to Work in Christian Education

Counseling at Big Lake Youth Camp sealed the deal for me! Leading groups of young people to work together as a team was a fulfilling challenge. My gifts of storytelling, creating silly and memorable moments came alive! I was convinced in one summer.  I have no other career desires. God has given me deep fulfillment in what I do!

Some Things Most People Don't Know About Me

I learned to juggle in the 8th grade!  I collect funky hats and interesting costumes, which I've collected since college.

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